Picam in the Sky – SOHIO 2017-1

Last Saturday, Aug 12, 2017, we flew a Raspberry Pi carried by a 800gr weather balloon.  The payload reached 105.5 kft, and more importantly, was recovered.  This is a preliminary report to show the results of the attached  PiCam camera.  The Pi ran throughout the entire flight, as shown by the file creation times.  The camera flown was the older technology 5MPix PiCam ($15)

flight path map
Flight Path of SOhio 2017-1

The computer time was not set properly during the flight. The WiFi access point did not work when the crunch came.  However the file creation times, included in the image file names are a constant offset from the real time and can be related back to location and altitude data, though I have not yet done this.

Pictures were taken at a rate of 3/min.  Over 350 pictures were taken during the flight.  The PiCam can take video but: 1) Still images can have higher resolution.  2) file creation times can be related to other data such as location, altitude, and direction.  And 3) I haven’t learned yet how to overlay information onto picam images or videos.

A few representative pictures are displayed below.  A video slide show of the images is available on youtube.  The photos were transferred to a video slide show using Imagination 3.0

StratOhio 2017-1 Picam image-811215509
SOhio 2017-1 PiCam image-811230740
SOhio 2017-1 PiCam image-811231833
. SOhio 2017-1 PiCam image-811234733

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