Sense HAT web projects

This post is intended as a reminder to me that there are already some projects to post Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT information to the web.

If this page is useful and I am missing some important projects (i.e. your’s) please contact me with the relevant information

From searches on Raspberry pi sense hat web server [Hackaday]

Raspberry Pi A+ Tutorial #4 – Sense HAT via apache web server
This is a YouTube video: The text resolution is poor, perhaps due to my slow internet speed?.  However, the major steps are clearly identified.  The actual code, near the end is enlarged to make it legible.

Raspberry Pi A+ Tutorial #5 – Sense HAT via Tornado web

Raspberry Pi A+ Tutorial #6 – Sense HAT value auto update with Tornado

The first video sets up a Tornado web socket for continuously updated information transfer. The Second shows a Sense Hat example. The text resolution issues of the first video still exist.

GitHub – bennuttall/sense-hat-data-web-app: Log Sense HAT sensor … Uses Flask (or Apache) to generate web accessible information.

Reading Sensor Data from Remote Sensors on Raspberry Pis   Also a flask project.

Make a Mini Weather Station With a Raspberry Pi –  This sends data to a google drive spreedsheet.
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT Super Weather Dashboagrd | Hackaday  and  Hyper-local Weather Dashboard

A three part project that uses Raspberry Pi™ 3 Model B Weather Monitor Kit  to interface with Weather Underground API  and show current weather.

How to Make a Raspberry Pi Web Server – wikiHow  Instructions for seting up a server.

Raspberry Pi: 11 reasons why it’s the perfect small server

Nothing on the Sense HAT, but this is a list of reasons to use the RPi for a web server.  It also includes some drawbacks.

Link to Raspberry Pi Documents.

Link to Raspberry Pi Remote setup.

and Apache set up.

… as usual, your mileage may very …